Artofus featured at Baidu ABC Summit 2017, Beijing

Artofus is bringing new enterprise and consumer applications to life with Computer Vision. Our Deep Learning based intelligence enables powerful and efficient feature sets that make applications and devices intuitive, personal and more secure.

Artofus demonstrated this capability at Baidu ABC Summit 2017 in Beijing, China. We are proud to be delivering our platform on the Baidu Cloud to Baidu ISV partners in China and internationally.

Baidu ABC Summit is Baidu’s annual forum focusing on embracing AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies for future applications running on the Baidu Cloud.

Artofus enriches digital applications with human context and real time Computer Vision at scale. The new technology – a world first enabled by Baidu’s powerful Cloud AI capability – enhances applications across highly valuable markets including e-commerce, advertising, face recognition, retail, smart home, enterprise, security and smart devices.

Artofus technology is delivered in partnership with Baidu Cloud and incorporated into the first generation of Artofus enabled smart devices revealed at the ABC summit. With Artofus, Baidu Cloud combines the power of Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI to enable real time high-performance Computer Vision at the edge.

The Artofus system will be deployed by Baidu Cloud partners in late 2017, with wider availability in early 2018.