Platform Benefits

Enabling Artificial Intelligence across
the Edge and the Cloud

Cost effective scaling and optimization of AI based imaging and face recognition solutions

AI Node Network

Artofus delivers high performance Computer Vision analytics for Cloud applications. Enabling proprietary artificial intelligence across the edge and the Cloud, our solutions deliver unrivalled performance at massive scale from low cost cameras and sensors.

State of the Art Cloud Vision Analytics

Powered by silicon accelerators in the latest generation of cameras and sensors

Vision Analytics

Traditional video analytics systems are limited by the need to stream, process and store video in the Cloud.  The Artofus platform eliminates the need to stream video by generating a rich metadata stream from the device.  Large-scale data analytics across millions of streams in the Cloud allows our platform to achieve exceptional vision analytics performance at low cost.

Rapid Deployment API

Empower consumer and enterprise applications with vision

API Development

Artofus allows vision analytics to be incorporated into Cloud applications with a single line of code.  A simple API interface allows for rapid deployment in the public or private cloud, with performance equivalent to or better than expensive Computer Vision systems.

Real Time Intelligence for Enriched User Experience

Incorporate human intuition and feedback

User Experience

Artofus generates real time actionable intelligence in real time using deep learning-based analytics of people and objects in their environment.


Wide ecosystem support and deployment capability

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